Monday, February 15, 2010

Colobot Chronicles

I've started creating a video playthrough with commentary of Colobot which is one of my all-time favorite games. The series is being posted on YouTube and you can find the playlist *here*.

This is the first time I've tried doing any kind of game playthrough but I've watched several others and I wanted to give it a shot. You might wonder why I chose this particular game for my first attempt. There are three reasons. One, it's a great game that was mostly unknown to the game community. Two, I don't think anyone else has done any playthoughs of the whole campaign. And three, most of the videos I have seen are pretty low quality and I wanted to have something a bit better out there for anyone that was curious about the game to look at.

For anyone that does not know about the game, it's a Real Time Strategy with an unusual twist. Instead of giving your units orders like most RTS-style games, you can write programs for them to follow. This won't appeal to everyone as I'm sure many gamers won't want to learn to program to play the game, but you can also control the units directly. Not only that, but the game provides a few simple programs to assist and also programs from other players such as myself can also be loaded and used (amazingly, they're still *here*).

The missions follow your astronaut through a quest to find a habitable world for humanity to escape to. Specifically, you have to follow clues left behind by a previous unmanned (and failed) mission to find your objective.

Here are the episodes I've completed so far:

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