Thursday, September 14, 2006

Top Ten Common Star Trek quotes

Ok. I know I shouldn't but I had another idea for a top ten list that I hadn't been able to find anythere else; Star Trek quotes (the original series). Not the best ten quotes, but rather the most common. Note: these are not arranged in order of number of times used and most of these are from memory anyways.

  1. Space, the final frontier...

  1. Red alert!

  1. I'm a doctor, not a {insert type of person}

  1. *punch to the face* (not really a quote, but hey)

  1. We're being hailed captain

  1. She canna take it much longer captain!!

  1. Facinating...

  1. He's dead Jim

  1. Beam us up Scotty.

  1. Live long and prosper

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